Speak Confidently and Charismatically
in front of 1 or 100s of people, in front of the camera, on the phone, in a workshop, or on stage.

Pick an area we can work on together from the choices below. 


Let’s be honest, networking gives you butterflies and not the happy ones.


  • There is a lot of uncertainty
  • You feel uncomfortable talking to strangers
  • Conversations can be awkward
  • You feel anxious
  • You are not sure how to start and engage in conversations
  • You are worried people will judge you
  • You are scared of being rejected

What if I told you that networking shouldn’t be scary and that you are already networking probably on a daily or weekly basis.

You are often making contact with people anywhere you go.

Networking is simply the process of interacting with people either for personal or professional relationships.

As someone who lives with social anxiety, I have a ton of strategies that allow me to network, feel what I feel, but still DO it well and build relationships.

If you are ready to network (for personal or professional relationships) and want to feel comfortable while doing it…

Book a FREE Breakthrough Session and let’s create a plan of action together for you.


Video is one of the most powerful tools available. Video usage is skyrocketing, and yet, you are not using video for your business or career. WHY?


I get it.

Shooting your first video for YouTube, social media, or your website can be nerve-racking. It is a big deal.  Video is more personal than writing or using images, and you are much more vulnerable.

People will judge you. They will judge your quirks, the way you speak, your personality – anything really.

Actually, your worst critic will be you.

Should that stop you? No!


Because the majority of people that see your videos are going to LOVE you and your content.

It is entirely normal to be nervous. But, if you wait too long, you are going to miss out on a lot of exposure.

If you want to record your first, second, third … video, but your nerves are stopping you.

Book a FREE Breakthrough Session and let’s create a plan of action together for you.


Your heart is racing at the mere thought of standing in front of a group and talking.

You’ve been asked to

  • Share your ideas
  • Speak about your business
  • Present solutions at a company meeting
  • Introduce a guest speaker

You may be videotaped.

Your presentation may be assessed.

You may present in front of some higher-ups or influencers.


Does this feel like a lot of pressure and stress?

It can.

Here is a secret – the stress isn’t from the actual speaking, because once you start everything flows, but rather all the build-up of fear beforehand.

I’ve got a solution to make this process easier, smoother, and pain free.

Book a FREE Breakthrough Session and let’s create a plan of action together for you.


Cold calling, selling, prospecting, business meetings … just the sound of the phone ringing may create anxiety.

Making and taking phone calls sometimes requires superhuman effort because your heart races, palms sweat, a panicky feeling overtakes you, and then the headache creeps in.

  • You don’t know what the other person is thinking, or even doing?
  • You feel like they may be judging you or not paying attention.
  • Do you sound too salesy, unsure, uncomfortable, aggressive?
  • What if they reject you?

There is a lot of uncertainty and fear around phone calls because …

Text messaging, messenger apps, and email have transformed the way you communicate.

But, nothing beats a phone call because

  • YOU shine through – your personality, voice, tone.
  • You build a connection with the person on the other end.
  • It’s easier and faster to explain things.
  • Success rates with phone calls are much higher.

Want to create phone conversations where all you hear is YES YES and more YES?

Book a FREE Breakthrough Session and let’s create a plan of action together for you.


You have a message, a story, a lesson that needs to be shared with others – the best way to do this is from stage.

  • You can reach 100s!
  • People will listen.
  • You are doing a disservice to others by not sharing your voice.

Get out there and speak!

But wait … speaking on stage is so much more than holding a microphone.

You need the P.P.S (planning, practice, and strategy)

As an international, award-winning speaker, I can help you with the P.P.S.

Book a FREE Breakthrough Session and let’s create a plan of action together for you.


We often think that writing is a disconnected part of communication.

But, it is rather important and it affects the way you speak.

Writing is more than just communicating basic information. It’s an extension of you, and the way you are perceived.

Emails, blogs, website content, reports, etc. whatever you need to write – write it well!

The more you do it, even if it starts poorly, it will eventually improve.

With all the LOLs and emojis, quality writing is dying.

But, people are still expecting professional, eloquent, strong writing from you.

Book a FREE Breakthrough Session to learn more about the 6-week Writing Mastery Program that will change the way you write and speak.


You scored a job interview (or are applying) … congratulations. That is a big achievement.

You want a better position, a raise, a challenge, a new environment maybe a corner office but you are super nervous because …

  • There is a lot at stake.
  • You don’t know what to expect.
  • You’re afraid of freezing and looking dumb.
  • The interviewer is in control.
  • You’re afraid of being rejected.

Who is the best candidate for the job?


You will get this job if you …

… prepare, practice and show confidence in yourself.

I can help you build the confidence to crush your interview and get your dream job with floor to ceiling windows and an espresso maker.

Book a FREE Breakthrough Session and let’s create a plan of action together for you.

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