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“Justyna is a highly professional speaker that educates and inspires her audience on the impact of effective communication. 

She gives her audience practical tools that they can implement immediately in their personal and professional lives. 

Her interactive talk engages her audience with real-life examples and a common-sense approach to become confident communicators!”

Sharla Brown, Founder One Woman

“Justyna makes people feel at ease, important, and comfortable. She uses her natural relationship building ability to foster safe environments where people feel they can be heard and learn. She is an amazing relationship builder. She cares about people and knows how to nurture and grow indestructible and lasting relationships.”

Melanie Gaulin – Fourth Street Creative

“Justyna’s talk seemed as if it came straight from her heart and experiences.  She is authentic and I could relate to her stories. She looks, sounds, and performs like a true professional. Justyna honestly cared about her audience as she stayed past the end of the event to talk with every single person who had questions. A very approachable woman – made me feel important and heard.”

Anita Bartman – Serial Entrepreneur 

“I’m so lucky to have the honour of having Justyna as my coach. I had a fear of speaking in public and large group settings. Justyna’s’ guidance and coaching gave me the confidence and courage to get over my fears, and now I am no longer afraid of speaking in public. I have mastered my fears because of her, and she inspired me to believe in myself. Justyna is a powerful speaker who shares her techniques on how you can be powerful as well. Her kindness is infectious.  “

Bianca Kowalska – Logistics

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