Welcome to The Try Fail Succeed Podcast

Every week, we have honest unscripted conversations with entrepreneurs who’ve tried a bazillion things, failed miserably, but dusted themselves off and found their success. Justyna St. James brings guests that know how hard it is to be an entrepreneur, how much hard work it takes, and share stories about what nobody tells you, or even thinks of on this journey of entrepreneurship.

 We can learn so much from someone else’s journey. 

Every week expect tips, strategies, and inspirational stories to keep YOU working towards those entrepreneurial dreams because they are waiting for you.

Amy C. Willis

If you are looking for a change in your life that means where you are right now is no longer working for you. We all have everything we need within us to create change and there is always a choice.

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Merinda Smith

When you are open to receive – anything can happen. Join us as Merinda shares her 30 plus years of business experience plus learning some of her greatest lessons from the most unexpected sources.

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Nanette Fridman

Nanette shares her journey as a lawyer turned entrepreneur, teaching the importance of being specific and clear with your mission, vision, and ideas AND the importance of having a plan. As an entrepreneur, you cannot do everything on your own, but don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Also, be generous and build genuine relationships.

Bonus – Need capital for your business? Nanette shares valuable tips and suggestions on how to get capital.

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Carolyn Dickinson

Carolyn Dickinson, a successful executive coach, shares her wisdom from multiple failures and successes, her experience and knowledge of partnerships, and what you need to understand before signing on the dotted line plus so much more.

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Piper Moore

Staying inconsistent with the behaviors that have now become a part of who you are, makes it very hard to achieve anything beyond what you’ve already achieved. Because, to change your path, to change the way you are moving on that path and the steps that you are taking requires a massive mindset shift.

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Le-an Lai Lacaba

At 18, a devastating tsunami changes Le-an’s entire life’s allowing her the opportunity to follow her heart. Not only did this passionate young writer turned CEO, make a decision that changed the course of her life but has now dedicated her life to changing the scope of the Philippine economy and its family dynamics. She will explain her massive plan and the passion behind the story.

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Sacha Pinto

When Sacha thinks of helping businesses and entrepreneurs stand out online, it stems from her need to help individuals have confidence and clarity in who they are, how they want to serve their customers, and how they will communicate that online. She shares practical advice from her 20 plus years of experience in the marketing world about social media, content creation, and the know, like, and trust factor that will help you build your community.

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Lauren Schell

An eternal optimist and self-proclaimed perfectionist takes us on a journey of building businesses with close friends, celebrating the victories of others, and recognizing that we are much more abundant than we think we are.

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Hilary Gooden

Hillary’s mission is to help others discover that “You Got The Power” to “Help Your Body Help You”! Hillary believes that when you have your health and peace with more vitality, you are in a place to prosper in both your personal and professional life, doing what you love. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

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Trish Springsteen

Imagine hiding behind potted plants to avoid talking to people. This introvert shares her journey with overcoming mindset and limiting beliefs to believing in herself and owning who she is. 

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Liz Knezevic

The journey from failure, rejection, helping build a multi-million dollar business, breakdown, to finding peace and calm through meditation is Liz’s journey. At the end of the episode, join us for a guided meditation. 

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Stacy Raske

How do you tap into your authentic power and nurture your inner rebel? How do you live a life bigger than the shoulds? You are building your dream, not someone else’s. Live your life full of fulfillment and satisfaction.

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Justyna St. James

Ever have those moments where you catch yourself thinking about another entrepreneur’s journey and wonder who they were and who they are now? What struggles they faced both professionally and personally? What makes them … them? Everyone’s journey is so different and if you listen closely, I guarantee you will learn something that you did not expect.

Welcome to the Try Fail Succeed Podcast.

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I’m Justyna St. James. Award-Winning Speaker and Communication Coach. Doggie obsessed mama, educator, and a wanna-be good dancer.

For the majority of my life, I’ve suffered from social anxiety, and a debilitating fear of speaking publicly – mentally, and physically isolating myself from living my best life.

I share my experiences with anxiety and fear to help entrepreneurs and professionals become confident, charismatic communicators, impacting those around them.

I have taught over 3,000 students, who like myself were once anxious and fearful communicators, but transformed into powerful speakers.

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