Episode 013

Community Over Competition Mindset

Sydney shares her journey of trying to find the elusive balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship and the ups and downs that come with becoming an entrepreneur. 

Featured Guest

Sydney McGee is a work at home mom with two little ones ages 3 and 1. She learned very early on in her parenting journey that she still wanted to be able to work and create while being home part-time with her kids!

As an OBM she helps overwhelmed and overworked entrepreneurs with their systems and strategies, content & client services, launches and social media!



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3 Takeaways


1. I was in the depths of postpartum depression and not without struggles developed a sustainable business that I am happily running today.

2. The mindset work is essential in entrepreneurship because it will help you grow professionally and personally.

3. Working through rough spots with clients and processes will lead you to connect with your ideal clients. 



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