Episode 001

Lean in and give yourself permission

How do you tap into your authentic power and nurture your inner rebel? How do you live a life bigger than the shoulds? You are building your dream, not someone else’s. Live your life full of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Featured Guest

Stacy is a Bestselling Author, Speaker, Iraq War Veteran, Badass Biker Chick, and Soulful Success Coach who helps high-performing alpha women to lead with soul and scale their businesses with ease and authenticity. She’s helped thousands of women ignite their soul and allow their light to shine by releasing the stories and doubts blocking their success. Working with Stacy, they fully own their authentic power and finally allow the success and fulfillment they desire, personally and professionally.





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3 Takeaways


1. Rejection is real, but it’s actually an internal rejection of our truth by hiding behind a mask or being who we think we “should” be to succeed in business. That rejection of ourselves inhibits our business growth because we’re not authentic.

2. I found that all my fear hid one real fear under it all, fear of success. Once identified, it was easier to reprogram the beliefs and give myself permission to succeed.

3. Your inner rebel is an ally in managing your inner critic and helping you succeed in business. It’s the energy that inspires entrepreneurship, but must be harnessed for success instead of sabotage.



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