Episode 024

Masks Produce Masks

Our heads like to gather fear, what-ifs, and shoulds and that can make things really noisy for you. Take the fear out of the equation and out of your heart, throw in a bit of vulnerability, and remove your mask because people will like you for who you really are.

Featured Guest

Ryn Gargulinski (Rynski) is a writer, artist, Reiki master and certified professional coach who once traded her artwork on the streets of New York City just to eat and get her daily beer. She has since given up drinking and now has money to eat (even organic!). She’s also expanded her art into a bustling Etsy shop, her writing into a thriving business and her coaching and Reiki into a growing practice that has helped others experience freedom and joy.





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3 Takeaways


1.  Money over passion doesn’t cut it. Took a well-paying job in the financial industry and wanted to jump out the fifth-floor window every day. I then landed a job that I was passionate about – with a $20K annual pay cut – and I was actually happier.

2. FEAR! It held me back for YEARS. I was afraid to even “admit” I was a writer and artist. It also drove me to take on jobs that had NOTHING to do with using my creativity. If I never actually “tried” to use it to earn a living, I would never have to fail at it, right?

3.  Work doesn’t have to be torture. Sure, there are irksome things about every job. But you can also find a way to make even the most seemingly menial tasks meaningful.



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