Episode 002

Be patient and keep going

The journey from failure, rejection, helping build a multi-million dollar business, breakdown, to finding peace and calm through meditation is Liz’s journey. At the end of the episode, join us for a guided meditation.

Featured Guest

Liz Knezevic is a mindfulness coach and speaker. Her brand, the Mom Who Meditates, helps busy moms and dads shed the anxiety and guilt, and become empowered and happy. Her business is based on advocating the benefits of meditation and mindfulness in today’s chaotic and time-sensitive society. Liz teaches modern mindfulness, which introduces the importance of taking several minutes throughout the day to broaden your practice, instead of sitting in meditation for several hours. The vision is to change the paradigm of the stressed-out busy parent who moves through the motions simply because he or she has to! The vision is for a world of empowered and happy supermoms and superdads.





Liz’s Website – Learn about Liz’s products and services.


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3 Takeaways


1. I started 3 businesses to date: one did not succeed, one is doing amazing but I had to step away, and the last one I am creating right now.

2. Becoming a mom and all the turmoil of the anxiety and pressure; I had an identity crisis that had to change what I was doing with my life.

3. How did I get into meditation, and how has it had such a profound impact on my life.



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