Episode 005

I’m Never Going To Have A Rocketship

An eternal optimist and self-proclaimed perfectionist takes us on a journey of building businesses with close friends, celebrating the victories of others, and recognizing that we are much more abundant than we think we are.

Featured Guest

Lauren Schell is a Toronto based multi-passionate entrepreneur. She’s tried and “failed” at businesses in the marketing, commercial and branding arenas but finally found her groove when she started up a film production company with her best friend and started trusting her intuition about what really works for her. She’s currently working towards her Meditation Teacher Certification and blends spirituality into her business practises.



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3 Takeaways


1. Everyone has a purpose or many purposes and uncovering your strengths and what that purpose is will help you show up to whatever business thing you’re doing with more confidence – it’s your “why” and it’s important. 

2.  In business it’s not about what you want to make, it’s about what people need and how with your natural gifts and strengths you can actually help people feel better, solve problems, experience love and joy be empowered – so when you’re doing your self-exploration and asking yourself “what do I like, love, where is my zone of genius” be sure to also ask yourself “And how does this inspire, help or encourage other people with their problems?”

3. Fail fast. We can get crippled by perfectionism – myself included and want to know everything before we start, or won’t put work out because we’re scared of being judged- but the truth is, it takes A LOT of time, patience and consistency before people even see your messaging and they won’t remember your failures, just what you’re doing next. Try things. See what you like. What works. Leave the rest. If you’re showing up doing your best every day to solve problems for people, with your skills and ability then everything is a learning lesson even the “failures”.



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