Episode 014

Souls Are Fragile 

As a healer, Heather needed to understand pain, both emotionally and physically. Through her 20 plus year journey, she knew deep within her soul that the labels that were bestowed upon her, MS, chronic fatigue, pain for the rest of her life…were not okay. Join us as Heather shares the pain and how she overcame it and how she helps others do the same.

Featured Guest

Heather Ferri author, speaker, coach shares her journey from performing on Broadway and breaking down walls in a male-dominated field with tap dance to creating the first Guinness Book of World Records for 16 turns on one foot in tap shoes.

After a decade of performing, choreographing, and teaching at Universities she moved back to Pittsburgh to start her own business. Being a pioneer of new sciences and new products she has faced obstacles both personally and professionally.

She wrote her life story Victim to Victory that inspires people that they can heal, overcome, and be the best no matter what anyone says. With twenty years of meditation and kundalini yoga training, Heather thrives on challenges and loves helping others step outside their box.



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3 Takeaways


1. Be open to opportunities even if you do not fit the breakdown of what they are asking for…you can change perceptions.

2. There is always a way to step outside your comfort zone and attract the clients you feel you deserve.

3.  Any obstacle can be overcome with the will of a warrior.



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