Episode 015

Roadmap To Find Success

Christine breaks down her 7 part roadmap to success. It is simple to follow, implement, and will lead you to exactly where you want to go – forward. 

Featured Guest

Christine Esovoloff is a mom, gratitude enthusiast, Senior Marketing Consultant for Black Press Multimedia, and published author. Her journey has taught her that the biggest hurdle to success is almost always fear, and that accountability and empathy are key ingredients when it comes to achieving our dreams.

Christine is the modern-day reincarnation of Princess Merida. She is definitely Brave – she is a warrior, a survivor, and she never gives up.

She has called Kelowna home for three years and loves the amazing lakes, mountains, and wineries all at her fingertips. When she is not busy with writing, work, or family, you can usually find her hiking, sipping some delicious Okanagan, or getting bendy in a hot yoga class.



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3 Takeaways


1.  Fear is almost always the biggest hurdle when it comes to SUCCESS but fear is a good thing (as it keeps us safe) but often lies to us and holds us back. We can get past it to go after the life of our dreams.

2.  7 part roadmap to success. 

3.  Hold yourself accountable while also having self-compassion.



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