Episode 009

Partnerships In Business

Carolyn Dickinson, a successful executive coach, shares her wisdom from multiple failures and successes, her experience and knowledge of partnerships, and what you need to understand before signing on the dotted line plus so much more.

Featured Guest

Carolyn Dickinson is a Global Executive Success Coach, Professional Speaker, Trainer, and Author. Overcoming a learning disability, Carolyn earned a psychology degree, an early childhood diploma and became a certified family mediator. With a strong vision to do more, she founded Supermom Entrepreneur, an online community, and the successful conference “I Am the Boss” that ran for 5 years!

When a car accident nearly killed Carolyn and her two daughters, she realized this was her “wake-up call” to do even more.

Her burning desire to help other professionals overcome their challenges and get clear on their visions and goals led her to create the highly successful executive coaching, training, and speaking business she owns today. In her highly sought after keynotes, workshops, and programs, Carolyn shares her story, insights, and expertise in clearing the clutter to make a path for your true vision and roadmap to success.



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3 Takeaways


1. Not having a vision and plan for your business prevents you from having the kind of success you want and deserve.
I founded and ran a conference called “I Am The Boss” I had a vision that was not big enough and not much of a plan which made me have to work hard for less and burn out.

2. Hard selling does not work and giving away value for free increasing your viability.

3. Are joint partnerships beneficial in business? We often do not realize how difficult it can be to work with a partner and the impact it can have on your success. I learned the hard way and took on a partner for what I thought was the right reason and it cost me financially, emotionally, and physically. That is not to say that partnerships can’t work out. It will take a lot of communication and clear contracts to make it work well.



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