Episode 021

Pursue Your Purpose

Arianne learned fairly quickly that her life would be littered with challenges. However, her mother’s nurturing environment and an outstanding teacher’s influence shaped Arianne to become an educator herself. Struggles within the school system brought Arianne to open her own school, and she shares her journey of walking away from safety to pursue her purpose.

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Born to a thirty-eight year old teacher’s assistant and domestic abuse survivor, Arianne learned fairly quickly that her life would be littered with challenges. From the more-than-occasional disconnect notice to the family’s periodic evictions, Arianne, her seven siblings, and their mother often had to rely on one another. Basic necessities were scarce and Arianne became well-acquainted with lack. However, the nurturing environment her mother created helped to develop in Arianne a love for God, family, and education.

Arianne credits two individuals with influencing her to become an educator- her mother, the late Doris Powell Craig, and her fourth-grade teacher, the late Flora G. Weber. As a direct recipient of their love and passion, Arianne decided early on to have the very same effect on as many young people as possible.





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3 Takeaways


1.  Intention can carry us when the results we see don’t match our level of passion and sacrifice. There are times when everything around us suggests that we give up and walk away. Remembering why we began in the first place can help us to stay the course.

2. There is no substitute for good old-fashioned work. As entrepreneurs especially, the work doesn’t get done if we don’t do it (or delegate to someone).

3.  The reward always comes, eventually. The key to experiencing the results we desire is to see the work through to the end. Don’t quit.



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