Improve your communication skills

Speak confidently and charismatically in front of 1 or 100s of people, in front of the camera, on the phone, in a workshop, or on stage.


When meeting new people, recording videos, networking, presenting, or speaking from stage  …

I feel awkward, anxious, or self-conscious.

I have tried before, and I failed miserably.

I don’t speak well, and others are so much better than me.

I’m afraid of sounding dumb, people judging me and thinking I don’t know what I am talking about.

I’m afraid people will see I’m nervous, I’ll make a mistake and freeze.

I am afraid of forgetting what to say.

I’m afraid of being recorded.


BUT, I want to improve my communication skills so I can be seen, be heard, and be memorable.

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HEY! I’m Justyna.

I’m a speaker and communication coach. 

I understand YOU.

After helping over 3,000 students, I understand the doubts, fears, limiting beliefs that stop YOU from communicating confidently and charismatically.

I was once in your shoes.

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No more waiting until someday. Take action today.


Gain confidence, charisma, and the ability to communicate your message clearly, professionally, all while still being yourself.

Effortlessly, create captivating videos that leave your audience inspired and drooling for more.

Become a strong speaker who knows how to control your nerves, never forget what you will say, and engage your audience with authentic storytelling.

Leave lasting impressions with every interaction with any audience.

Be seen. Be heard. Be memorable.

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You showed me how capable I am of achieving great things and I’ll always be grateful. 

- B.K

I feel confident and comfortable. I never knew an introvert like me can become so charismatic. 

- Dominica

You helped me get unstuck when I was the only thing holding myself back. 

- Elisabeth

I’m so lucky to have the honour of having Justyna as my coach. I had a fear of speaking in public and in large group settings. Justyna’s guidance and coaching gave me the confidence and courage to get over my fears and now I am no longer afraid of speaking in public. I have mastered my fears because of her and she inspired me to believe in myself. Justyna is a powerful speaker who shares her techniques on how you can be powerful as well. Her kindness is infectious.

- Bianca

Get Started With Three Easy Steps

1. Book a complimentary breakthrough session.

2. Together – Create a plan to bust through your communication blocks. 

3. Communicate confidently, charismatically to any audience. 

Always felt stuck with what to say. Now, I feel confident, prepared and empowered.

- Zac

Justyna taught me how to overcome the fear of creating, recording and posting videos. 

- Maja

My messaging is clear and I feel confident in delivering it. 

- Olive

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